R   i   c   e          M   a   g   a   z   i   n   e  

Who  are  we?

Rice Magazine is staffed by a motivated international team of student writers, journalists and artists. Whether from Shanghai, Manhattan, Punjab, Seoul, or anywhere in between, our members all share a passion for Asian culture and a drive to express this passion to those around them. 

John Buckley:  Editor-in-chief

John (Class of 2014) is a Cornell student majoring in China and Asia-Pacific studies with a minor in International Relations. In addition to his longstanding fascination with linguistics, journalism, anthropology, and modern Chinese history, John also enjoys delving into classic literature, ethnomusicology, and international cinema. When he is not working with Rice Magazine or interning at Cornell's Asian & Asian American Center, he usually spends his time with his Christian fellowship, reading, or watching science fiction.

Byonghan Kim :  Vice President

Byonghan (Han) Kim is a Class of 2014 Cornellian majoring in Government and Economics. Born and raised in the Republic of Korea, he moved to the US at the age of thirteen. Having established his base values in Korea during his childhood, Han is fascinated by the ideological differences between Eastern and Western value sets he has constantly faced I living in the US. He plans to explore them further through working with Rice Magazine. 

Yasmin Fouladi : Editor

Yasmin Fouladi (Class of 2013) is double majoring in Asian Studies & English, at Cornell University. A New York City native, Yasmin attended international schools that reflected diversity of her home. Raised on Thai food and blessed with Indian and Chinese best friends, Yasmin can recall being interested in Asian culture as far back as elementary school. Through Rice Magazine, she hopes to learn more about the heterogeneity of Asian culture. 

Yuhui Jiang : treasurer

Yuhui Jiang is a member of the Class of 2013 in the College of Arts and Sciences. During her years at Cornell, she has gradually become interested in different languages and cultures. She is learning French now and planning to start Spanish next year. Her dream is to go to Europe after graduation to experience the diversity of its cultures and languages. One thing she loves about Rice is that it is a great chance for people, whether from Asia or not, to contribute to the understanding of the differences in cultures and customs while also providing an avenue to reassess common stereotypes. 

Yiqing Zhao : Outreach  Chair

Yiqing is a 2014 Cornellian the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University. Originally from Shanghai, China,  she is majoring in economics and history and has a keen interest in Latin American Studies. In her leisure time she enjoys singing, reading, learning to cook Chinese cuisine, or simply spending time with her diverse set of friends from around the world. 

Jocelyn  Qiaoshuang  Li : Social Chair

Born in Ningbo, China, Jocelyn is a member of Cornell University's Class of 2014, planning to major in history and economics. Enthusiastic, open-minded, and perpetually sunny, Jocelyn loves her life and all the people around her.  She has a particular fondness for animals, food, and singing (she is an active member of Cornell's FantAsia vocal group) and spends her free time reading, watching movies and dramas, meeting new people and, of course, shopping! 

Katherine Burgess :  cambodia correspondent

Born in sunny San Diego and raised in Cambodia, Katherine Burgess currently wields her pen (or rather her laptop) from a fairytale mountain in the United States. Her ten years in Cambodia left her with a love for justice, foreign cultures, travel, and international journalism. Her twelve years of homeschooling left her with a love for writing, reading books of any and every sort, and learning. Katherine plans to study journalism at Union University in the fall, hoping to one day return to her beloved Asia as a globe-trotting international journalist. 

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