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Rice Magazine's parent organization, SilkRoad is a global student-run organization dedicated to the promotion of international education and a greater understanding of Asian culture. With chapters in Korea, the United States, China, and New Zealand, SilkRoad has been responsible for the construction of schools in Bali, Cambodia, and China, as well as for disaster relief efforts in Haiti and Taiwan. SilkRoad's goals aims  
1. to promote Asian culture in the community; 
2. to bring high school and college students together to help the children in third world countries mainly through education;
3. to create a world of interdependency and responsibility instead of competition among students.

Asian    &    Asian     american     center

A center of student activity at Cornell, the Asian & Asian American Center (A3C) brings together the rich diversity of Asian and Asian American student experiences to forge a strong and inclusive campus community. The center promotes positive student-to-student and group-to-group interaction to contribute to the multicultural education of all students and to the social/cultural development of leaders able to negotiate an increasingly diverse and complex global environment.

The Asian & Asian American Center is a second home for Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and bi/multiracial undergraduate and graduate/professional students. It is a place that cares for them, advocates for them, celebrates them, and promotes their academic and personal success at Cornell University.

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