R   i   c   e          M   a   g   a   z   i   n   e  

t h e     n a m e     o f    o u r    m a g a z i n e     h a s    g o t t e n     a     l o t     o f    a t t e n t i o  n .

"RICE ? Why would you name your magazine after a grain? That's an unusual name."

We smile whenever we hear these sorts of questions. We've done a lot of thinking about our name, and it turns out that "Rice" is in fact the perfect title for our publication. It's a name we're proud to call our own, and the story behind it is as simple as it is deep. 

After much consideration, we chose the name “Rice” for our magazine because of the central role this grain plays across the Asian continent. As a staple food for much of the world's population, rice holds a central place in the lives of individuals from across a wide variety of diverse cultures—an aspect of daily experience that nearly everyone from Malaysia to China, from India to Vietnam, shares in common. The universality of rice represents the multicultural understanding our publication aims to inspire. As members of the global community, our interactions with those of different backgrounds and cultures demand honesty and respect in the face of what often seem to be gaping philosophical and material variances. Such divergencies may appear difficult to surmount: but in the end, it is only when we acknowledge our commonalities that we can begin to embrace our differences. 

Rice: simple, elegant, universal.

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